Revealing men’s potentiality through massage

An erotic massage is a perfect occasion to manifest a lot of beneficial aspects and a lot of qualities. It is a complex labor, at its effects pertain to the sphere of therapy, of art, of ancient knowledge when applied to tantra and of concrete ability. Everything that is manifested in an erotic massage is an enchant and a pleasure, but, in the case of a very good erotic massage , we may even speak about a real “science” of delights and of pleasure. And everything which is revealed here has a very big importance in people’s life, because we are talking about harmony, beauty or medical effects.

The revealing of the potentialities does not apply only to the case of the masseuse, but also to the case of the guest. Of course that in general, the masseuse is the one revealing her talents, her abilities and her knowledge, but we can extend this to the qualities manifested by the guest, also. Even if he is not asked to be in a specific way, his qualities will soon become obvious. That happens even if it is not required from him to be in a certain way, as we have said, but, even more, what indeed is asked from him is him to be as usual as he normally is, with no masks, as much as possible and as much opened as he can. As much opened to the realities a special experience as an erotic massage can offer.

Men’s potentialities in an erotic massage

The guest revealing himself just the way he is in his truly inner aspects, aspects of the soul and psychic, will mean a solid foundation from which to begin adding new and beneficial energies and aspects into his being. Many of them are related to the erotic sphere and to the sexuality, as the massage is an erotic one. But these are not the only areas that can be improved in an erotic massage. For example, the state of welfare will lead to the increase of the self-confidence and of the state of joy and happiness. The most aspects which reveal about a guest during such an experience are, indeed the ones related to the erotically area.

Having an erotic massage means having an experience full of sensuality where erotic energies are awakened, refined and elevated. And to feel all this, of course that men are attentive to their own sexual energies and to the way they are awaken in this area. So they will focus even if not on purpose at this level and they will feel all the energies created in that massage through their own energies.

The sensuality of a beautiful, young masseuse can be felt if the man is, at least a bit, awaken at this level also. If he is a sensual man, also, then he will have more accurate perceptions at the level of sensuality.

More than the aspect of sensuality, the important dimension of the control of his creative or sexual potential is the one making the big difference. In an erotic massage, the capacity of transmutation and sublimation of the sexual energies of men is revealed a lot. Its power of controlling the erotically energies is shown during a session of tantric or erotic massage.