How do you become the perfect lover for your boyfriend? Tips and tricks from erotic massage therapists and high-class escorts

It is a very common thing for those men who are involved in long-term relationships to lose their sexual interest for their life partner. Why is this happening though? Well, many women tend to make the mistake of becoming the best friend of their life partner, neglecting the sexual activity between them. For example, the professional erotic massage therapists from say that most of their clients would like to benefit from this kind of massage practiced by their life partners, if they would be enough open minded and wouldn’t neglect their sexual life.

It takes more than friendship to make a couple resist over time. It also implies love, passion and a spicy sexual activity. More precisely, a long-term relationship can’t last if sex is no longer a priority, beyond mutual respect and understanding each other.

If you want to surprise your boyfriend or husband with an erotic massage, you are on the right way. Why should he be forced to hire a professional therapist for this need when you can give all of your best to completely satisfy him? Also, an erotic massage for the one you love will make you two get closer in bed.

Practicing an erotic massage like a professional is not as hard as it may seem. First of all, you will have to choose the most appealing lingerie. Even more, the underwear you choose should be new so that your boyfriend can be surprised. Try buying those underwear pieces which will advantage your voluptuous lines so you can make him go crazy instantly. For example, the red lace underwear is considered the best choice you can make for attracting men.

Then, you will have to take care of the perfect ambient. Try using some perfumed candles (with aphrodisiac scents), some soft bed sheets and a sensual music (you will find unlimited compilations of this type on the internet).

One important tip from a professional erotic massage therapist is to use all of your body when you start massaging your partner, and not only the palms of your hands. Therefore, you will be much more connected with the loved one in a pleasant physical way. Though, his intimate areas will have to be touched at the end of the erotic massage in order to make feel pleasure at the highest rates.

Of course, this kind of advice is extremely useful, but when you are looking for a different experience, you can opt for the professional services of an erotic massage salon which offers couples erotic massage sessions (like Artemis Salon whose site I mentioned before).

If you truly want to become the perfect lover for your life partner, then try acting in bed like a high-class escort. For example, the luxury escorts from advise all women to let go of all the inhibitions and to pay much more attention to what their boyfriends desire in bed.

Everybody has a secret fantasy, but only the perfect lover will discover it and, much more important, will make it happen for complete satisfaction. When a man gets what he wants from his life partner in bed, he will no longer look for this kind of attention somewhere else.

Therefore, if you want to make your relationship work better than anytime, stop neglecting your sexual activity with the man of your dreams. Only this way you will become the most irresistible woman for him, more exactly his perfect lover who makes all of his sexual desires come true.