Experimented masseuses for special erotic massages

Whenever it comes to special erotic massages, the beauty of young masseuses is not enough to be sure of what you’ll get. Beauty, young age and harmony are keys for this, but certain abilities and experience is needed, also.

The masseuses choosing the erotic and sensual type of massage would certain has, for sure, more aces if they are aware of the tantric massage and tantric philosophy. All these types of massages have in common the accent put on the sensuality, but the more complex and full of teaches is the tantric one.

Applying the knowledge in the massage
An experimented masseuse in the erotic massage knows a lot and applies her knowledge very wisely. She knows how to make the guest feel extraordinary, she is able to understand his needs. She will act according to his necessities and she will choose the techniques of massage which are the most suitable for him. For this, besides her knowledge, she must FEEL the guest. Feeling him in a very extended manner will allow her to judge what he needs the most in this massage. She will understand where from may come his tensions, his aches, if there are any. Some may come to the erotic massage without having any aches, without stresses, but, generally, this is only what it seems, at a superficial view. Going deeply in his being means understanding his more profound needs. Some tensions and stresses may be not very visible at a first sight, but they may appear during the massage. This is when a good and experimented masseuse proves her measure: she will be able to get to the surface hidden aches or hidden tensions. She knows how to relief even when it seems there is nothing to be relieved. And all these comes when speaking only about therapeutically effects. But there are other aspects concerning the massage where the ability and experience of the masseuse will show off easily.

Recently I encounter an experimented masseuse in Bucharest; she knows when to use more of therapeutically techniques upon the guest and when he is there with not very many tensions to be relieved. If he has certain aches or stresses, she will adapt her massage for exactly this kind of necessity. She is able to see what organs or areas in his body need to be reinforced or harmonized, even only by “reading” his mood. His mood and predominant feelings and affects have a certain correspondence with some areas and organs in his body, according to the ancient Asian therapies and philosophy. So she will adapt her modalities of healing through massage to the needs of the guest.

Attention at every detail
Even if there aren’t so many stresses to work out, so many aches to resolve or tensions to be relieved, her abilities and experience have something to say in any maneuver she uses, in any technique of the massage. She has to have the wisdom of adapting even her moves or touches according to the guest’s need. The force with which she presses, the speed or the approach itself need careful attention.

She will also be attentive at the general visual impression she offers, at the tone of her voice, at the details of the atmosphere created. The more attention she will give to all the aspects that compose a special massage, the better the experience will be for every guest.