Diary of an escort’s Journal

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas. Love the time off Uni to catch up with family and friends. Hate the lack of money by the end of the celebrations. However, I’m hoping that this Christmas will be different and I will not be bankrupt by January thanks to my well paid part time job. However, the temptation to spend more now that I’m earning more is always present. The girls at the agency keep telling me to save my earnings and not to spend them on handbags and shoes. As if I would do that! Would I?

I think this year I’ll go to Romania, it’s cheaper than Spain or Italy, plus I have a very good friend there (she’s working in a nice Bucharest erotic massage parlor). Well, I hope it will be fun, at least I’ll learn some massage techniques. 🙂


My beautiful Romanian friend

Had a three hour lunch date on Monday with Harry who was from Kent but staying in a top well known Hotel in Knightsbridge. His room was not really just a room; in fact it was larger than the flat that I share with my best friend, Samantha, in Putney. Samantha is also a student and thinks that I’m just popping to a lecture or over to my boyfriends place (imaginary boyfriend!) when I visit a client. She has no idea that I work for a high class escort agency in my spare time.
Harry was tall, with short light brown hair and chiseled features. About early or mid forties. His hotel Luxurious with red velvet covered furniture, light grey walls, middle of the bath room bath, shower that was so well camouflaged I could not find it and a square (non draining) sink. Oh here we go again fashion before function. Did look amazing.
In spite of feeling like I needed attend a ‘how to use a shower’ course the booking went well. Harry was out going and looked incredibly good in his black suit teamed with electric blue cuff-links and matching tie. Told me that he always stays in the same hotel room when on business in London. Had spent the morning in a meeting and just wanted to unwind with a nice girl to keep him company. ‘You didn’t tell me that there is another girl here’ I had joked. Unfortunately, as is often the case, my joke was not funny and Harry looked slightly bemused. Oh well, things can only get better I though and they did.
Following half an hour of fun Harry called room service and had asked me to order anything I wanted from the menu. We ate, chatted and even found to my surprise that we had many things in common. He was a hedge fund manager of a company that he had set up ten years ago. Told me that he had phoned London Kittens the previous evening and had asked to meet a down to earth girl next door type and not a stunning glamour model type. Tabitha had recommended me to him. Well thanks Tabitha, I think!
I love my job. It’s easy, fun and I do not have a miserable boss telling me what to do. In fact I choose when I want to work and simply tell the agency that I’m not available if I don’t fancy working. The agency I work for is run by English girls who are easy going and fun. I joined London Kittens a few months ago after a friend recommend them to me. I’m 21 and a student at a well known University in London. Whilst many of my peers have part time jobs that they hate I am wined and dined by top city workers on a regular basis.
Sunday morning and my blonde hair is a mess as I’m having a PJ and TV day in my flat just off Putney high street. Last night was simply brilliant and felt somewhat like a beautiful dream. However, the wad of fifty pound notes tucked into the side pocket of my overnight bag reminds me that it was reality! Spent the previous evening in a beautiful three story house in Notting Hill with Will, a tanned and toned gentleman in his late forties.
On my arrival I was offered wine or Champagne by my host. To be honest I had really felt like a cup of tea and a cake bar but I opted for the Champagne in order to appear sophisticated (which I am not!). I had tried to find the glasses but had to give up as his kitchen was full of seamless cupboards with no handles. We chatted for the first half hour until Will ask me if I felt awkward. ‘I’m naturally awkward’ I had declared. William laughed and bright white teeth sprang out at me. We both laughed.
At that point I slipped off to the bathroom to change into white French knickers, matching bra and hold ups. William was cute and the two hour booking had flown by. I even forgot to text into my agency at the end of the booking to let them know that I had left. Tabitha the head receptionist phoned me. ‘Babes are you OK we have not heard from you’. I assured her that I was fine and just about to leave. In fact I was better than fine.

I always thought that there must be a down side to this job. ‘If it sounds too good to be true’ and all that. Well I think that it could be boys of my own age seem slightly dull in comparison to the high flying city workers that I meet though London Escort Kittens. The men I meet are mostly confident, intelligent types. To be honest, they are the sort of men my mother would like me to bring home. Well if I had not met him through an escort agency that is! ‘So Sophie, tell me and your little sister how you and Jack first meet?’!!!
The truth is that I have become just a little bit spoilt by visiting top London Hotels and restaurants on a regular basis. Prior to this job I would not set foot in a taxi or even consider ordering anything from room service in a Hotel. Tabitha phoned me on Tuesday night to find out if I would be happy to duo with Alyssa on the following Thursday afternoon. 90 minutes with one of their VIP clients at his Hotel next to Hyde Park. Slightly wary at first but only because I knew Francesca and was not keen on anyone comparing my body to her perfect one.
Decided to go along as I knew that I could always change my mind once there. The gentleman, Jess, was ready for us with glasses of Champagne and chocolates. Francesca arrived five minutes after myself and grinned at me as she entered and pecked our host Jess on the cheek. She reminded me of a China doll with her pale completion and pink lips. Jess was a young lawyer who asked us to both tell him a little bit about ourselves first. Francesca spoke of her last holiday, interest in fine wine, French food and horse riding events. I tried to sound as if I was interesting and had hobbies also but the truth is that I spend most of my time either studying or watching reality TV!
As usual the 90 minutes did not seem long enough and Francesca and I shared a taxi back to Knights-bridge where we met up with Tara (also an escort girl) in Harvey Nicks for dinner.